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As a parent it’s important to understand in detail the environment that you are exposing your children to, even something as simple as carpeting your home can pose certain threats to your family. The types of chemicals that we use to clean our carpets to even the type of carpet we have can all obtain chemicals that have proven to be toxic. Due to society becoming more ecofriendly in terms of the products and services we buy we should also be aware that when carpeting our floors we can also do this in a way that is ecofriendly. It is natural that we want to protect our environment but more importantly we want to protect ourselves and our families therefore choosing ecofriendly carpet can be a sure way to do so.

Many people don’t realize that most carpets contain certain chemicals that can be hazards to children, not very ideal for a family home. Chemicals that can be found in carpets include 4-phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH) which is a byproduct of latex which binds together the fibers in the carpet. The reason this chemical can be toxic is because is produces unseen gases that can enter the repertory system and be damaging in the long term. As babies and young children as very susceptible to toxins it really important for parents to carefully consider the carpet they choose especially if planning to carpet the child’s bedroom. If reading this article has completely scared you off using carpet then there are some great alternative to home flooring that are proven to be ecofriendly.Our Modern carpets rugs Cape Town well known for home decor

• Hardwood flooring – doesn’t hold dirt, dust or chemicals in the fibers so is very easy to maintain and remove bacteria.
• Cork flooring – made from bark shavings and is a renewable source and very easy to clean with natural products.

Another great way to ensure that you are minimizing the amount of chemicals that are entering your home is to do your research on carpet cleaning products. Obviously you not only want to be able to remove those stains and marks from your carpet but you want to do it in a way that is not harmful to your loved ones. There are hundreds of home remedies that include natural carpet cleaning products on the web that share ideas on how to remove stains from carpets, the most common ingredients have found to be white vinegar and bicarb soda as they kill bacteria and remove moister which can grow mold.

If you are wary of the chemicals that can be introduced to your home when cleaning your carpets you may also want to consider speaking to carpet cleaning professionals when purchasing your carpet. Many modern carpet cleaning services today will offer cleaning services that incorporate natural products however be sure to ask them about this as some companies still use harsh chemicals. You can start the process of hunting down the best carpet cleaning service by speaking to local carpet experts and health shops, they usually offer great advice.


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