Make Your Home Easier to Navigate With Lifts

If you use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or walker, then you know how hard it can be to get around your home. There seem to be small thresholds, steps and staircases everywhere, and they are almost unnoticeable until you can’t cross them while using your mobility device. Here are a few places in which lifts can help you access every area of your house with ease and convenience.

Outdoor Lifts

Many homeowners rely on ramps to help them navigate the porch steps, but these can often get slippery in wet or icy weather. You can keep yourself safe while still being able to leave the house when you install an outdoor lift. These small, weather-resistant lifts will carry you up and down the porch steps so that you can come and go freely.

Stair Lifts

If you have a stairwell in your home, you can still access the room upstairs by installing a stair lift. This motorized seat will lift you up and down multiple levels so that you don’t risk injury by climbing the stairs. Stair lifts are also ideal if you have a basement or attic that you use frequently.

Elevator Lifts

Elevator lifts are ideal if you have multiple stories in your home and do not have the strength to place yourself in the seat of a stair lift. Residential elevator lifts can be added to your existing home so that you can freely move about lift rumah your house in your wheelchair or scooter.

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are perfect if you need the relaxing experience of a warm bath without the dangers of climbing into a bathtub. If you have limited mobility but want to continue to take baths rather than showers, invest in a bath lift. This will carry you over the rim of the tub and prevent you from possibly slipping on the tub’s floor.

Vehicle Lifts

There are also lifts available that you can take with you on the go. A vehicle lift will carry you and your wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle so that you don’t have to struggle to get into the van on your own. The lift also prevents you from having to fold up your wheelchair or mobility scooter each time you need to go somewhere. Some of these even attach to the back of the car so that it stores your mobility device as you are driving.

You are not destined to remain in a few rooms of your house if you rely on a wheelchair, scooter or walker. With the variety of lifts available, you can easily navigate the rooms of your house no matter where they may be.

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