Do You Know the 5 Most Popular Wedding Rings?

Wedding band is the most important part of the occasion. It symbolizes love, care and commitment.

The most popular choices in wedding rings are:

1. Tungsten rings: This is a new brand. It is also the best. It is tried and tested on wedding rings for its cheap price and longevity. People prefer tungsten band because of its durability. Traditional jewelry is expensive and also hard to maintain. Wedding/engagement rings made of tungsten carbide is extremely strong and it can withstand any blow of time. Besides it hardly looses its shine sheen and polish. Look of tungsten bands is as close as the expensive rings like gold and platinum. You can even opt for different styles in tungsten rings like.

• Single stripe tungsten bands
• Two grooves bands
• Plain and polished bands
• Single groove tungsten bands

2. Diamonique Rings: It is a brand name in itself. It is widely considered to be the best. Diamonique jewelry is considered for gemstone. Besides quality, you get style and beautifully crafted stunning quality stones that have exquisite settings. Few of the most popular demands are as follows

• Solitaire ring: Simple yet elegant, placed on white gold, platinum and yellow gold, the solitaire is just perfect if you are planning to surprise your wife with a gift that is as gorgeous as this ring. It is available at prices that are widely affordable by most of the people. It only cost about under $200. Diamonique 100 facet solitaire ring, especially in white or 14k yellow gold is most popular.


• Epiphany Diamonique rings: Epiphany Diamonique rings are made of platinum. It is also made on 14K gold bands. This oval cut ring has a stone at the center and small beads around on the entire band. Beautiful yet signature style of Diamonique.

• Sterling silver ring: The silver piece of Diamonique engagement ring is the most precious. It is beautifully styled with several intersecting bands that are anchored together around a tension-set cubic zirconia. What grabs your attention is the stone that’s brilliantly cut and set right within it. Its price is something around $50.

3. Celtic rings: Celtic rings are popular in wedding. It’s a right balance between the expression called love and also the price that associated with its quality. Celtic bands carry significance. It symbolizes culture, foundation and expression of wedding. It is made on gold, white gold, platinum, silver, etc. Two patterns of knots are popular among couples.

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