Beauty Vitamin In Your Horse Supplies

What does your girlfriend have in common with your horse? I’m not being rude or making dirty jokes. They have other things in common aside form what you had in mind. I’m talking about vitamin E, that beauty pill your girl takes religiously. Your horse also needs vitamin E. Your girl takes vitamin E for better skin and staying young — horses do, too. In fact, horse vets recommend that you make this beauty pill a staple along with your other horse supplies. Unconvinced about vitamin E? Think about the things you like in your girlfriend. Smooth skin, nice hair, and stunning physical beauty. Don’t you want a horse that will stop all other horses and horse owners in their tracks by sheer beauty? Then don’t hesitate, add vitamin E to your horse supplies.

You know from your girlfriend that vitamin E fights free radicals or bad cells in the body. But what exactly is vitamin E, you ask? Vitamin E goes by the general name, tocopherol, an fat and oil-based vitamin. But don’t worry, this vitamin won’t make your horse flabby. Barb Crabbe, a horse vet and horse enthusiast, advises horse PEG 4000 owners to supplement their horse supplies with this vitamin. She names several benefits horses obtain from taking regular vitamin E supplements. After knowing these benefits, you might also want to take vitamin E. If you don’t, be assured that those “Hello, gorgeous” greetings are for your horse’s benefit and not yours.

Vitamin E prevents muscular problems in your horses like cramping and joint pains. Whether you believe it or not, some horses actually develop arthritis because they lack vitamin E. To save your horse from suffering a similar fate, stock vitamin E with your other horse supplies. You know how vitamin C protects people from colds and other infectious diseases? Vitamin E does that for your horse. If your stallion is virile and strong, consider breeding. Give your macho horse its regular vitamin E dose to improve his stamina and overall reproductive performance.

Vitamin E does not limit itself to improving your horse on the outside. It also improves the vitality of your horse by boosting its immune system. This beauty pill in your horse supplies is an antioxidant, which eliminate the free radicals. These are substances produced in the body through metabolic processes, and can cause mutation and tissue damage. Just take care not to choose a vitamin E brand with selenium because it is toxic in high dosages. Next time you’re thinking of revamping your horse supplies, throw in vitamin E for the health of your horse.

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