Answering Questions About Leaving Your Current Job – How to Interview Like a Pro

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job and Why Do You Want to Work Here?

These are really tricky questions, a kind of chicken or egg question and can be difficult to answer. If the new job is truly a progression and can be viewed as a “step up” from your current position with more money or more duties, this is fairly easy to explain. If you have been at the current job for less than a year, you may have a job-hopping problem. If you are having problems at the old job, you may need to be very diplomatic about explaining those issues. When you tell your prospective employer why you want to work there, don’t mention money or benefits. Also don’t say anything bad about your current or former bosses.

Here are some examples:

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1. I have been here over five years and I am doing the same things over and over. I need a challenge and I believe this job will provide that.

2. I love my current job, but this new job is an opportunity with more responsibilities. It is a natural progression of my experience and expertise.

3. This is really not about leaving my old job. I see this as a great opportunity for my career. In addition, my widowed mother is sick and lives nearby. (Never give your personal situation as the first reason.)

4. Your engineering department is the best in the state and I believe this is where I want to learn about my profession.

5. I have talked to friends that work here and they have always said this is the best place to work.

6. This is really my dream job. I have always wanted to work for your company after I got some experience elsewhere.

7. I feel that in the last ten years I have learned as much as I can in this job. I would like to get some new experience and use what I have learned here.

8. This job is the culmination of all my past experience. I believe I can hit the ground running and be an asset to your company.

9. I have done my research and I believe I am a good fit for your company.

10. I like the job. I like the location. I like the people.

If you follow these, tips, you will be interviewing like a pro.

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